Beechview is only minutes away from Downtown via the “T,” Pittsburgh’s trolley system. It is home to a diverse population in a neighborhood filled with hardworking people dedicated to helping others and improving the community they call home. This goodwill is ingrained in our neighborhood. In 1912, the community challenged the city to find a solution to the fact that the normal horse and wagon used by firemen did not work on our hills. This led to Beechview becoming home to Pittsburgh’s first internal-combustion motorized fire truck.

When you consider that our hilly topography includes Canton Avenue the steepest hill in mainland USA at a 37% grade, it’s no wonder the traditional fire wagons were a fire safety issue. Check out our famous hill

You can also check it out directly on YouTube here!

Luckily that spirit of goodwill may one day be as famous as our hills. We are currently home to more than six Beechview-focused organizations. Each one is dedicated to a different goal to promote the growth of Beechview, but all share a mission of collaboration.

Friendly neighbors aren’t the only thing we have to offer. Our neighborhood also includes the Seldom Seen Greenway (which is comprised of more than 90 acres of woodland), Beechwood Elementary School, Brashear High School, a spray park, two parks, four parklets, the recently renovated Beechview branch of the Carnegie Library, and the soon to be completed senior community center (to be completed July 2017).

With so much happening here, it’s no wonder that new families and developers alike are taking notice of Beechview.

Want to learn even more about our community?  Check out the City of Pittsburgh's fast facts page here.