BRAG Seeks New Beechview Community Members for Board!

Constantly Bragging About Beechview?

Consider getting involved with the Beechview Revitalization Advisory Group (BRAG)!

BRAG's Mission

The mission of the Beechview Revitalization Advisory Group (BRAG) is to promote inclusive economic development and a high quality of life for everyone in Beechview, while preserving the personality, integrity and character of Beechview. BRAG does this by:

~ Facilitating community engagement with development projects both public and private.

~ Promoting and supporting a business district that attracts new people to the neighborhood as well as serves the needs of residents.

BRAG seeks to represent the diversity of Beechview, with the purpose of serving as a liaison between the city, developers, and the community toward the shared goal of growth and improvement of Broadway as the heart of Beechview.

To that end, BRAG aims to build on and grow positive relationships with Beechview residents, business owners in Beechview, government officials, foundations, and other communities.  By promoting Beechview’s living and business amenities and quality of life through positive media coverage and public relations outreach, BRAG also seeks to strengthen and improve the Broadway business district by bringing together new business owners, new home buyers, developers, and funders.   

BRAG’s Role

In 2018, BRAG intends to create a positive public forum where Beechview residents and other stakeholders can come together to: 

  • Learn about major projects in Beechview from developers and public agencies, and provide feedback to agencies on issues of zoning, permitting, use, and design.

  • Review existing Beechview plans (SMARTRID and others) and develop a shared consensus on the most important community and economic development priorities for neighborhood 

  • Develop a list of possible high-priority community and economic development projects (real estate and/or programmatic) that could be most transformative in shaping a positive future for the community 

  • Identify and pursue sources of funding for further investment in Beechview

Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer on a Committee

Approximate Time Commitment: 1 meeting per month with additional volunteer tasks as needed

  • Promotions Committee
    Organizing events and programs that promote Beechview and its business district

  • Design Committee
    Organizing projects that beautify Beechview and its business district

  • Economic Development Committee
    Organizing programs and strategies to support businesses, attract new businesses, and promote a “buy Beechview” culture

Run for a Board Seat

Approximate Time Commitment: 1 meeting per month, participation in a committee, and additional volunteer tasks and events as needed

The BRAG board of directors is seeking candidates for four open board seats, to be selected by ballot at a public meeting in March or April.

To apply, please submit your application no later than March 1, 2018.

Applications are available electronically from the BRAG facebook page or by emailing beechviewing for the link to the application form.

Paper application forms are available at the Beechview Community Center.  

You can PRINT or EMAIL the application from digital PDF here

Paper application forms must be post-mailed on or before March 1, 2018, and mailed to:

Shelley Scherer
1660 Broadway Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Electronic forms must be date-stamped on or before March 1, 2018 and sent to:

Qualifications: To be considered, you must be 18 years of age and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. resident of beechview

  2. non-resident property owner / representative

  3. business owner / representative

Applicants that meet the criteria above will be evaluated and prioritized by the following considerations:

  • All members must have a history of community involvement that is consistent with BRAG’s mission of positive and inclusive engagement and promotion of Beechview; 

  • Membership shall reflect the full ethnic, gender and age diversity of Beechview, with an emphasis on inclusion and the identification and development of new, emerging leaders;

  • Members shall possess a diversity of life experiences and professional expertise, including but not limited to business, accounting, legal, community, development, environmental, real estate, design, for-profit, non-profit and the arts;

  • Members shall make a commitment to attend all board meetings, and to volunteer between meetings to achieve the agreed-upon goals of the group;

  • Members shall understand that fundraising for BRAG operations and BRAG-initiated community activities is needed and agree to actively participate in those efforts. 

The BRAG board will evaluate applicants and select a slate of candidates that best meets the criteria and considerations listed above. Board members will be voted on by residents of Beechview who attend the March public meeting.


Missy Sorg